2010 - Fear Zero - Whole Damn Nation <a href="http://fearzero.bandcamp.com/album/whole-damn-nation">Whole Damn Nation by Fear Zero</a> Whole Damn Nation No Way To Die Last Photograph Breathe Again Led Heart Are You There You Make Me Feel Falling Down Cry On A Sunday Octane Five Years Disappeared Never Forget California Calls 2007 - Fear zero - In Lights You Make Me Feel Breathe Again Falling Down Broken, Still Hoping Cry On A Sunday Day Of Our Last Night Beautiful Scars Overwhelmed Last Photograph Loner Anthem California Calls Get Over This Whole Damn Nation Breathe Again (Version Au Francais) 2005 - Fear Zero - Concentrated Beautiful Scars (Original Version) Porno Nation (Original Version) Alone By The Ocean Fine For The First Time Day Of Our Last Night Beautiful Scars (Radio Edit)

<a href="http://fearzero.bandcamp.com/album/fear-zero">Satellite by Fear Zero</a> Satellite Drown Myself Star Trippin’ Sunday Morning Learn To Love Won’t Hurt I’m Alright Seven Sunny Days Never Felt Better Nowhere Satellite (French Version)