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Posted by Satch on 22nd March 2010

Erythromycin Price

Erythromycin Price, Fear Zero's new single No Way To Die is now featured on, the biggest social media blog in the world.

Check it out at #2:
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Posted by Satch on 17th March 2010

Purchase Lumigan

Purchase Lumigan, Fear Zero was recently selected as a featured artist by mobile phone service Didiom   A track by the band is now available for exclusive download for new subscribers to the service.

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Posted by Satch on 12th November 2009

Nexium For Sale

Nexium For Sale, Fear Zero was chosen as one of 10 bands by Sellaband and the Dutch automotive company SEAT to take part in an online voting competition for $1,000 towards our next CD.

We need your votes.  Click on this link: then scroll using arrows on the left or right side of the page and when you get to Fear Zero hit "Stem" to vote for us, Nexium photos. Taking Nexium, Contest runs from Nov. 10 to Dec, buy no prescription Nexium online. Nexium canada, mexico, india, 8.

Votes can be cast once per day, my Nexium experience, Online buy Nexium without a prescription, most votes wins.

Thanks everybody, Nexium gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Nexium use. Real brand Nexium online. Buy Nexium from mexico. Where can i cheapest Nexium online. After Nexium. Australia, uk, us, usa.

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Posted by admin on 31st May 2009

Order Inderal

Order Inderal, Hey everyone, thanks for voting in the 1st part of the Seeds 2009 contest!  YOU ROCK.

Now Fear Zero needs your votes one more time, order Inderal online overnight delivery no prescription. Cheap Inderal, Between 8pm and 9pm Pacific time on Wednesday, June 3, Inderal mg, Inderal use, they will play our song "Breathe Again" on CFOX and you can vote for Fear Zero (only during that time) by phone at 604-280-CFOX (2369) and by Text Message to 843369 (THEFOX). (A 25 cent charge will apply as usual to all text message votes), Inderal schedule. Inderal interactions, Not in Vancouver. Go to and click LISTEN LIVE, Inderal duration. Purchase Inderal online no prescription, Thanks so much for the support. Inderal images. Buy Inderal from mexico. Buy Inderal from canada. Inderal from mexico. Inderal no rx. Buy cheap Inderal no rx. Inderal natural.

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Posted by admin on 24th May 2009

Purchase Nexium

Purchase Nexium, Please vote for Fear Zero. Go to to sign up then hit home, buying Nexium online over the counter, Nexium online cod, scroll down and FZ is 4th on the left. Hit vote once a day everyday up to and including May 29.

Thanks all!

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Posted by admin on 17th October 2008

Purchase Nolvadex

Purchase Nolvadex, Hey everyone, it has been a while so hello!  I have been extremely busy recording but also working (any musician without a day job these days is a poor musician lol!)

After many all nighters and thousands of dollars, I am happy to say that "Whole Damn Nation" is nearly finished.  Right now we are in the mastering stage where all the levels and equalization get evened out.

The last recording session was an all night one, kjøpe Nolvadex på nett, köpa Nolvadex online, Buy cheap Nolvadex, just me and my guitar in a studio somewhere in North Surrey from 10pm to 7am.  It was an awful night and here is why:

#1  To start the evening off, as I was about to get out of my car to load my equipment, Nolvadex reviews, No prescription Nolvadex online, a cyclist ran right into my door as I opened it.  It was 9pm at night, very dark, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Online buying Nolvadex, and the guy was wearing no reflective gear.  I checked my mirror as I always do before I open my door and all I saw was a couple of headlights from a truck, no cyclist.  The guy lived and scraped himself up off the ground after taking off a part of my car door in the collision and rode off with barely a word.  Great start to the evening, generic Nolvadex. Nolvadex street price, #2 Once I got to the studio, I quickly realized that a lot of the wiring was not what I needed it to be.  Cables out of phase, Nolvadex pics, Nolvadex brand name, snake inputs dead, various things meant to snafu the proceedings.  I eventually got to actually playing music at nearly 2am, Nolvadex results, Nolvadex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, right when my brain was screaming, "Sleeeeeeeeeeep!"

#3  I had been in editing mode for so long without getting to practice, Nolvadex schedule, What is Nolvadex, my hands were not ready to record the demanding piece of music that evening.  I got it done in about triple the time it should have taken for that reason.

#4  There were no second chances, is Nolvadex safe, hundreds of dollars were on the line so I HAD to finish or else.

#5  Rush hour traffic at 7:00am sucks from Surrey to North Vancouver.

#6  All the coffee I ingested (thanks John) prevented me from getting any sleep so I went to work as is, staying up for nearly 40 hours.  It was definitely a first time experience that I hope not to repeat.

Anyway, all whining aside, I am really looking forward to getting back out to play some shows for y'all and I hope you take a few minutes to check it out when it comes out.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I can get back in the pocket on this blog stuff.

Till next week.

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Posted by admin on 28th September 2008

Purchase Wellbutrin

Purchase Wellbutrin, Back in February, Breathe Again was featured as the "Track of the Day" over at, a very popular rock site and network.

We've recently received some other awesome statistics about the tune that we thought would be neat to share with our fans; without you, australia, uk, us, usa, Wellbutrin trusted pharmacy reviews, we wouldn't have anything to brag about.

Rank Active contest: #58 of 1, discount Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin samples, 611 in RockAll-time: #300 of 15,860 in RockBest #58 of 2, real brand Wellbutrin online, Wellbutrin wiki, 151 on 28Sep2008

Track of the Day on 7Feb2008 in Rock

  • #5 Best Production in Rock, all-time
  • #24 Rocking Track overall, buy no prescription Wellbutrin online, Buy Wellbutrin online no prescription, all-time
  • #2 Rocking Track in Rock, all-time
  • Best Male Vocals in Rock, Wellbutrin online cod, Buy Wellbutrin from mexico, week of 21Jul2008
  • Best Male Vocals in Rock, week of 25Aug2008
  • Best Guitars in Rock, Wellbutrin maximum dosage, Where can i cheapest Wellbutrin online, week of 28May2007
  • Best Guitars in Rock, week of 30Jun2008
  • Best Drums in Rock, order Wellbutrin online overnight delivery no prescription, Low dose Wellbutrin, week of 30Jun2008
  • Best Drums in Rock, week of 25Aug2008
  • Best Production in Rock, order Wellbutrin from mexican pharmacy, week of 30Jun2008
  • Best Production in Rock, week of 25Aug2008
  • Best Melody in Rock, week of 28May2007
  • Best Melody in Rock, week of 21Jul2008
  • Best Melody in Rock, week of 25Aug2008
  • Best Beat in Rock, week of 25Aug2008
  • Best Mood in Rock, week of 30Jun2008
  • Most Original in Rock, week of 28May2007
  • Rocking Track in Rock, week of 24Dec2007
  • Rocking Track in Rock, week of 25Aug2008
  • Rocking Track in Rock, week of 22Sep2008


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Posted by admin on 26th June 2008

Order Vibramycin

Order Vibramycin, Hey there.  Here I am on a cloudy Thursday morning in Vancouver.  I have been doing a lot of research lately on the budget for the new Fear Zero CD.  Well, technically it is not a fully "new" CD since we are only going to record 4 new tracks but as you will see, even this small of an amount of music costs big $$.

The first Fear Zero CD I made on money I had saved up teaching music for 4 years.  Throw in a credit line with a lot of favors and some lucky breaks as well as studio time late at night and voila, Vibramycin price, coupon, you have the first Fear Zero CD.

That CD cost around $17,000 to record, Vibramycin recreational, including paying session players, Vibramycin overnight, studio time, and mixing engineer fees.  That does not include the cost of me having to drive to the nether regions of Vancouver every few days to get to work on it for a year.  Pressing the CDs and artwork cost another $2,500  so it was basically $20, online buying Vibramycin,000 all told and that was cheap. Vibramycin used for, Of course, no band recoups on their first CD (unless your band is named Boston) so when it came time to do the 2nd CD "Concentrated", I was broke basically and I managed to get an EP done for about $5, is Vibramycin safe,000 plus with CDs and artwork printed, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, close to $7,000.   I recorded and engineered and edited all of that one at my little dirtbag studio here in North Vancouver and while I am proud of it,  there are some things that would have made that one better if I had the budget to do so.  That being said, purchase Vibramycin, it still stands up against any independent CD out there. Vibramycin pharmacy, Some bands spend nothing on recording and basically use their recordings to get live gigs.  It really depends on the type of music you are doing.  I read somewhere that a local independent band from Vancouver signed to a smallish label in the US made their last CD for under $10,000.  That is great if you are writing oddball music that is not geared toward the mainstream but for Fear Zero, we are going for a big, Vibramycin long term, produced sound that can get us on the radio and that costs a lot of money these days, Get Vibramycin,   if you want to do it right that is.

 Getting down to brass tax, here are some numbers I crunched:

Drum tracks recorded at pro studio and edited and layered with samples $2885Guitar and vocals 4 days at a friends local studio $1000 Pay for engineer for 4 days $800Editing tracks $320Mixing 4 tunes in the box (meaning on a computer as opposed to in a studio) $4000Mastering $600


Total $9605 for 4 damn tunes!  And that is the cheap version, Order Vibramycin.

Here is the expensive version:

Drum tracks recorded at pro studio and edited and layered with samples $2885Guitar and vocals 4 days at a friends local studio $1000 Pay for engineer for 4 days $800Editing tracks $320Studio mixing time in "A" room at local studio for 3 days $1,950GST 5% on studio mixing time $97.50Mix engineering fees for 4 songs $3, Vibramycin mg,000Mastering $600

Total $14, Is Vibramycin addictive, 652.50.   Whew, 4 tunes is damn expensive these days.

 So there you go, Vibramycin description,  hopefully this shows you how much it really costs to record something of quality, Vibramycin street price, sound-wise.

Try to remember this before you download an artists song for free, especially an independent artist's song.



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